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Walmart’s Answer to Amazon Vine Paid Product Reviews

Walmart recently told branded merchants who sell on its marketplace about a program that lets them pay for product reviews through Plum’s Field Agent program.


Plum Launches as the World's First B2B Retail-Solutions Marketplace

Brand new Plum marketplace puts more than 50 click-and-launch retail solutions at users' fingertips. The mission? Bring B2B retail solutions into the ecommerce age.


The Supply Side: Field Agent launches Plum marketplace for supplier services

The scoop on Plum’s story—from first concept to full-scale retail solutions system. Traditionally, retail solutions have made companies jump through too many hoops. If customers can purchase cars online with just a few clicks, why not retail solutions?”

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Plum Launches as the World's First B2B Retail-Solutions Marketplace

Plum is the exclusive provider for Field Agent retail solutions—and the world is noticing! Self-educated buyers know exactly what they want, and the description and designation of services on Plum are crisp and clear. Clients can check out testimonials, comparison shop, and take all the steps any smart B2B service purchaser would take to get themselves to the point of confidence and trust.